A thermoplastic elastomer .
Wide working-temperature range( -50 ~ 120 ˘J) .
To be processed like plastics in high temperatureĦA no mixing and vulcanization steps but possessing
the properties of vulcanized rubber .
SoftĦBflexibleĦBslip resistantĦBelastomeric materials , and to be processed by injection moldingĦB
extrusionĦBblow molding .
100% recyclable of slot and off-grade materials , Reduction of scraps and wastes .
Good direct adhesion to PPĦBPEĦBABSĦBPCĦBPMMAĦBNYLON by overmolding process .
Good insulation to electrical appliances .
Free of Phathalates , in compliance with the international limitation of heavy metal content(EN71 and
RoHS) and FDA regulations for food contact .
Nice soft-touch feeling and excellent slip resistance .
Excellent safety and shock adsorption .
Excellent surface feature .
Excellent recovery .
Good gas permeability .
Good elongation and tear strength .
Easy to be processed and colored .
Excellent weather resistance ĦBcompression set and resistance in low temperature .
Bondable to many kinds of plastics .
Wide Shore hardness range .
Excellent chemical and fluid resistance .
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